Black Legion Chaos Space Marine Army up for Sale.

I figure I have built and painted this army for years, and it’s time to part with it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and even won a few awards along the way; winning best painted mini at a GW store event (Abaddon) and Best Painted Army at a tournament I took them to.

So it’s up for sale, it’s about that time, and here are the pictures.

If you are interested in this, I have done personal sales to save Ebay commissions, but please, no tire kickers, and no commissions at this time! It hits eBay soon!

Here is a list of the models:


10 x Bolter/Special Weapon Chaos Space Marines (Plasmagun/Autocanon/Missile Launcher)

13 x Close Combat Troops OR Possessed. These are mostly converted models so they can be used as a mix of either Troops/Possessed.

Havocs x 12 (2 Champ/sarges, 4 Chaincannons, 2 Missile Launchers, 4 Lacannons)

Obliterators x 3 (as shown)

Greater Possessed x 3 (Note: One is converted with backpack and dual chain fist for possible HQ w/Relic)

Terminators x 8 (Note: some arms are magnetized with leftover bits some of these can have different arms)

Venom Crawlers x 2 (as shown)

Helbrute x 1 * older model. (as shown)

Raptors x 6 (2 plasmaguns, 1 fist)

Heldrake x 1 (as shown)



Master of Possession x 2

Dark Apostle (w/minions)

Harkaan World Claimer

Sorcerer with Jump Pack

Nearly all of it comes with Lasercut foam.

That’s a decent pile of Heresy right there. It’s nearly all packed in laser cut Battlefoam so should be fairly safe, and easy to take to tournaments.

Thanks for having a look!


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