The Avatar of Khaine Completed!

It’s an amazing sculpt and one of the more difficult I’ve painted in a while. There’s just very few shortcuts you can take on this one, but GW did a great job on him.

I wanted to get pics of him done…. so I couldn’t wait for the decal to dry!

Evert centimeter seems to feature a gem, brass, or fire.

Maybe the biggest challenge was keeping the feel of the various ‘reds’ different; the armour had more purple, the skin a brown tint, and the blood of the left hand is a very bright red.

The heads all look great, but the majesty of the ornate ‘original’ design won me over.

This spear is for fishing monkeigh!

Finally, I chose the spear. I don’t know why, but with such a plethora of swords, and axes in the game, the Spear seemed to sing to me (pun intended). It’s an eldar thing and the design of it really just seemed to match the Avatar look.

Thanks for checking out the Avatar of Khaine!


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