The Wolf time cometh! Finished Space Wolves Hobby Update.

I’m not going to waste words…. while I’m not sure if I’ll keep going with this army (it may well be on eBay by the time you read this!), I do like how it is looking.

After a lot of colour theory experimentation, and seeing how deep down the rabbit hole of ‘grimdark’ I wanted to go on these, I decided the ‘over’ weathering was killing all the time I was putting into the shading/etc. So I pulled back a lot on the weathering, but they are still beaten up a bit. And I increased the contrast range of colours on the armour to show it off a bit more.

Enough blabbering… here we go:

New MurderFang! He’s got fangs… likes to murder stuff. The name says it all.
Here’s most of the crew.
Bjorn sporting a Multimelta, and a cool claw for killin’ stuff.
Bjorn and the 5 Intercessors.
Intercessor Wolves Sargent.

And now what I consider to be one of the coolest figures in the range, Ragnar Blackmane:

And a final close up of the man himself:

Thanks for checking this out. As mentioned I may be just trying to sell these. I haven’t figured out if I want to invest in the whole army. The sculpts certainly are unique and fun though.


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