Hobby Update: A Quick Break from Templars to give you this Iron Update.

Iron Warriors are still getting a lot of work done every time I need a break from the Templar scheme which is quite a bit of work (I’ve never liked to paint with just black paint so I always feel the need to make things more difficult for myself!)

So here’s a few quick shots of the 10 man Iron Warrior Terminator squad and the really simple ingredients to do so:


After assembly and some magnetizing I managed to kit bash new and old terminators together into a flexible squad that allows some weapon flexibility.

The recipe I came up with has me taking this base metallic colour and adding a bunch of ‘fun stuff’ to the models: 2 different AK Enamel washes, reduction techniques applied, then oils (Black, brown, and green/blue for weathering).

The end result:

Add a few contrast paints, and finish the basing, and eventually 10 Iron Warrior Termies appear out of some city wreckage!

Hope you like them. It’s a really fun painting style let’s you get pretty creative.


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