Black Templars Hobby Update: Featuring a Few Things I’ll Never Do Again!

I decided to push hard on my theory of doing everything I know to get an army on the table, while trying to make it look good. I’ve covered many of the tricks I use, but hope to come up with a valid plan to show everyone just how ‘doable’ this is.

But here I bit off too much for a single sub project within the army…. I chose a 20 man Primaris Crusader squad to finish from beginning to end, assembly until final highlights!

My trick has been to do something very basic, and usually ‘boring’ and then follow it up with a ‘reward’ project… something cool like a Crusader Squad. My mistake was trying to do such a large squad in one project rather than break it up into 2 smaller projects.

On top of that, I decided to do the new Champion Bayard homage recently released by Games Workshop. I really wanted to keep one so I did two…. that is a LOT of work. Anyway, enough blabbing, here are the pics:

20 Man Crusader Squad. Finally done!

And finally….. the Ork so nice, I had to kill him twice!

Thanks for checking out my work!


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