My Latest (and last!?) Abaddon Model Finished. A Deep Dive into Painting Choices.

Here’s one of my favorite models in all of 40K.

I decided to depar from my very typical facial recipe of a ‘loyalist’ nature, and stray away from tan/bones/and tilt harder towards purples/reds/blues in the skin tone to give an eerie, old look to Abe’s face with an assist from a red hue coming from the helmet. I think the extra time and risk was worth it.

Some enhanced shadows on the face help sell the effect. The Claws were something I took a different approach on as well. I wanted to do a more NMM style of metallic sheen on the claws just using brush work. I’m not really a fan of NMM typically but in this case I wanted to combine a ‘dark energy’ look with metallics.

Here is an extreme close up with some filtering to show you an exaggeration of the tones I went with.

And with a bit of a bright filter. I did attempt a bit more of an oil painting look to his face. I took this approach with the armour as well. I just did not want a hyper smooth look here. I wanted some real depth to his face and armour. (This is a pre aging of the metallics stage of the paint job.)

A bit from above shows you the gradient I used from deep crimson, to pasty, leathery colours and then to red/purple for the recesses of his skin/lighting. I think this shows even someone of my skill level can benefit from taking risk and trying to grow as a mini-painter and not be so ‘safe’ all the time with these choices. This armour effect was extremely time consuming but the palette of colours and finished effect were worth it to me.

The challenge of the weapons for me was to differnentiate the daemonic blade by using purples and browns all the way up to green/yellow on the blade. The claws went from a rusty crimson up to yellow/white. The colour choices and the brush work were my best option for showing two different types of materials in the weapons while trying not to draw too much attention to one over the other, and keeping the reds of the face/hair drawing the most attention.

And finally something I did with my other Abaddon that I wanted to go deeper on with this one; the cape. I wanted to do an eerie, ‘cicatrix maledictum’ star scape, cascading across Abaddon’s cape. I stretched the palette out on this one a lot more and I’m happy with it.

The cloak was an influence on his fur collar draped over his shoulder. At first I had went with a very traditional fur and then I thought about doing the fur in higher contrast with potential ‘warp beast’ type qualities and used more reds and blue/greys in it to suit the cape.

So that’s the thought process behind my latest Abaddon! I hope you like him. It was a fun departure from my past Black Legion models and well worth the extra time.

Thanks for looking!



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