World Eaters Primarch Completed: Angron

Here’s some quick pics of a really fun, but time consuming project…. Angron.

This was a model that I couldn’t put down. One piece just flowed into the next. I painted him mostly assembled with some of the armour on the side just to keep it clean.

I loved working on the metallics and ever since I discovered GreenStuff Gold pigment, it’s been a lot of fun to do.

Angron’s Axe: Spinegrinder. (Kharn has the smaller companion piece). Some GW blood effect worked nicely in modest amounts.

The base is heavily pigmented to add realism, including his legs. I imagine he’d kick up a lot of dust swinging for the fences with his newer weapon “Samni’arius”. (Great back ground story on the new weapon in the codex!)

The bound ‘false gladiator’ Samni-arius and Angron.

Angron’s head was something I kept coming back to. It’s so easy to… desaturate red when making transitions/highlights. I wanted it to remain very red so I chose purples, to reds, and a slight touch of orange. Going back to red washes and glazing to keep the saturation higher.

Here is an extreme close up…. He definitely could use some dental work. If Samni’arius doesn’t kill you, the breath probably will!

Thank you for checking out my take on Angron!


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