World Eaters: Exalted Eightbound Completed – Tactics and Pictures.

I felt so inspired by Angron that right after finishing him I jumped into these Exalted Eightbound. I know they aren’t getting a lot of play because for their points they really aren’t that impressive, and they lose core, and the ability to come out of reserves in T1. But that being said I found they do have a place, and Dual Chainfists are no joke!

The box only has three models which can represent Exalted or ‘regular’ Eightbound. What you see here is the Exalted version which does get you WS2, and a 4++ Inv. Not a huge selling point in such an army while losing “Core”. However, what I do like about them.

The one of the left is the dual Chainfist champ. These models have a higher level of ‘possession’ due to their amalgamation and becoming ‘one’ with the daemonic entities that share the body. With the exclusive goal of tearing their enemies to shreds, the host and the entities are in harmony on most decisions revolving around….. killin’ stuff!

Painting wise, I have to confess these guys are a LOT of work. Like Angron we are looking at a ton of textures, and I guess I could have done them a lot quicker if I cut out some steps, but the models were too nice to take corners. I also don’t foresee needing more than one squad of Exalted Eightbound. Regular Eightbound, on the other hand, are going to be a lot more numerous.

So the negatives are: No Core. (No rerolls, no strats that use “Core” keywords.) No uber infiltration. But the pluses are: They have the “Eightbound” keyword which means they can use the +1 DMG strat, and anything else that uses the keyword.

In my games, they’ve been good. Not amazing, because even a 4+ invlun will fall to weight of fire, and since they are still only T5, they do fall to regular firepower/flamers etc, fairly easily. But in each game they’ve managed to make a dent before going out.

The muscular and facial details were done in a ‘bruised’ set of of purples, reds, and pinky-flesh tones to retain the depth of detail in the great sculpt.

As usual with all my projects the goal is getting an army on the table. I’ve never been a huge fan of spending a ton of time on one model, then moving to a different army. I like to see stuff on the table, fully playable.

That being said these guys did slow me down which is why I chose to do them early in the project. Obviously there’s a lot more to go, and these guys were a lot of fun to do.

Thanks for checking it out. -prot.


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