World Eaters Hobby Update: Berzerkers

With the release of the new army/codex, I’ve been extremely motivated to finish more units. It’s been a long time since I felt this motivated by a new release. It feels like every sculpt is fantastic and the variety of units is incredible. So different from painting your generic marine army!

The first five man squad was a pleasure to do, but I quickly realized these are some of the most detailed troops I’ve ever painted. Skin, armour, trinkets, trophies, blood… axes, more blood, and all that trim really does add beauty to the model, but REALLY slows down the painting speed!

The poses are great, the action in each figure is what you’d expect from a World Eater. Even though it slows down the process, I decided to stay consistent and do a lot of weathering in the brass/gold to include various layers of oil paint to create the ‘verdigris’ effect similar to Angron.

And there we have the first 5 man squad done. It did take significantly longer than I anticipated due to the details, but well worth it. Next up I hope to have the Daemon Prince ready to go shortly!

Thanks for checking it out.



  • Lots to love, but particularly great brass. I’ve always struggled to find a method I really like and have the patience for, as there really isn’t a great out-of-the-bottle solution. Nice very unstable plasma pistol too!

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