Space Wolves and Dark Angels! Some new finished models.

Okay finished some models:

TWC I love the concept of, just really dislike the riders so admittedly it was grind to just finish them. (If they ever modernize these with their new standard, I think the sculpts could be amazing.)


Desolators are something I think actually work in Wolves. Much needed anti tank (for 10th too!) and actually I like how they models look.


So for those who don’t know, Dark Angels used to be my original hang out waaaay back in the day. And I honestly can’t tell you how long it’s been since I tried slapping some paint on the mighty first legion. 

A few friends (local and abroad) have been prodding me to try them again. I thought I would try to just formulate a green colour base process I liked. I thought the Heavy Intercessor would be the perfect model to try, and to be honest my Wolves (boo, hiss) will never use them so I thought why not try…


After a few tries, I settled on this green blend. I didn’t want too much desaturation in the brighter colours, but felt the model should be quite dark in areas.


I decided to try some Infiltrators. Keeping with lots of colour, I stole a page out of my Space Wolves project and used purple hues to play down the shadows while using Verdigris/ice yellows to bring up the top surfaces. I was actually pretty happy with this after some tweaking… enough so I decided to finish a squad!


I just did not want them any darker because in my initial tests, I felt I lost too much volume on the models and settled with this look.


It was a fun, week long project from experimental models to finished squad. I didn’t spend too much time on any one area and I think it has a blend of time and effort with ‘shortcuts’ to get an army done in a reasonable amount of time. 


  • Very slick, once you added the red/white/metal details it brought the Dark Angel look out.
    I do like how the Desolators turned out too.
    Well I think you have some good launching points ready for 10th ed.

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  • In a versus battle? I think I like the DAs better, the color seems deeper. The red bolter stocks are a great clash combo. This is just my own preference – the Wolves do look very good too, just not my top aesthetic pick.

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