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Black Legion Batrep VS. Sisters of Battle (new DTTFE ability)

Well I had the game, and it was against SoB, It was interesting, the ‘new’ ability?.. a bit lackluster perhaps. For those that don’t know recently GW did a bit of a rebalance. Chaos got to extend their DTTFE(emperor) ability towards…. well Death to the False Everyone! Actually in all honesty what this game did was remind me how much

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Thousand Sons Vs. Necrons 2K 9th Edition (and Hobby Update)

This is a very brief batrep, and you’ll see why in a minute. I took what I consider a very mid range Thousand Sons army. I wanted to base the list on two basic premises using the newer cults: Cult of Time (Terminator Patrol), and Cult of Duplicity (main Battallion). My Thousand Sons list was basically Ahriman, Exalted on Disk,

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