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Hobby Update: A Quick Break from Templars to give you this Iron Update.

Iron Warriors are still getting a lot of work done every time I need a break from the Templar scheme which is quite a bit of work (I’ve never liked to paint with just black paint so I always feel the need to make things more difficult for myself!) So here’s a few quick shots of the 10 man Iron

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A New Chaos Iron Warriors Test Theme.

The new Chaos codex is officially released as I write this. The sheer amount of combo’s and interesting army ideas buzzing around my head make me feel like Huron with that Hamidraya constantly nattering in his ear. Here’s what I’ve come with for the new look Iron Warriors. I used the new(er) Warpsmith model of course, and a couple of

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Black Legion Batrep VS. Sisters of Battle (new DTTFE ability)

Well I had the game, and it was against SoB, It was interesting, the ‘new’ ability?.. a bit lackluster perhaps. For those that don’t know recently GW did a bit of a rebalance. Chaos got to extend their DTTFE(emperor) ability towards…. well Death to the False Everyone! Actually in all honesty what this game did was remind me how much

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Thousand Sons Hobby Update: Army Status

It’s time for an update with the Thousand Sons. I had to flesh out the Infantry to include some new Rubric Flamers, and some new Sorcerer HQ’s that could be used in Rubric squads, or even as Sorcerer “thralls” using the cool new rule that allows you to include a Sorcerer thrall outside of the normal HQ limits for every

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Thousand Sons Are Back! A Hobby Update: Daemon Prince w/Disk(?)

It was nice to pull out the old dusty box of dusty boyz. I tried these guys several times in 9th but always felt like Chaos is just getting such a shaft this edition (except Death Guard of course). Well finally our time has come, and it prompted my to finally Stop using my Black Legion Daemon prince, and finally

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