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World Eaters. More pics now with Invocatus, and new Berzkers.

Thanks for looking!

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World Eaters Hobby Update: Group shots so far. Angron, Daemon Prince, and Infantry.

Angron and son having a bonding moment collecting skulls. Here are some shots of the DP, Zerkers, Exalted, and Eightbound all together. Hopefully this shows a few cool angles of the Eightbound vs. the Exalted differences, and the HQ’s. It’s all coming together now! Thanks for looking. -Prot

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Thousand Sons Are Back! A Hobby Update: Daemon Prince w/Disk(?)

It was nice to pull out the old dusty box of dusty boyz. I tried these guys several times in 9th but always felt like Chaos is just getting such a shaft this edition (except Death Guard of course). Well finally our time has come, and it prompted my to finally Stop using my Black Legion Daemon prince, and finally

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