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Black Templars Hobby Update: Assault Intercessors

I did a few extra models to form a small squad with some options, including a Fist (relic), and an Axe, as well as a decent looking Chainsword dude which could pose as a ‘sarge’ if needed. I’ve increased the Blanchitsu up a notch! There’s more oils, more of the beloved texturing from pigments, etc. I’m keeping this base configuration

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Heading into 2022 with Black Templars!

Here we go with a hobby update based on something I didn’t think I’d revisit (again)! I sold off my original box set of Templar infantry figs that I painted, and ended up using the funding to inevitably buy this…. And so far I reworked my original recipe and wanted to go a little darker, a little more “Blanchitsu-ish”. So

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Grimdark World Eaters Re-dux

(And Crowe isn’t happy…) So I decided to pull out some old, unfinished World Eaters from back when we had that awesome Daemonkin Codex. My goal was to start using some of the ‘Grimdark’ techniques I had picked up during my White Scars project. This meant more oils, enamels, and isopropyl/mineral spirits reduction methods on top of some of the

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Thousand Sons Hobby Update: Army Status

It’s time for an update with the Thousand Sons. I had to flesh out the Infantry to include some new Rubric Flamers, and some new Sorcerer HQ’s that could be used in Rubric squads, or even as Sorcerer “thralls” using the cool new rule that allows you to include a Sorcerer thrall outside of the normal HQ limits for every

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Thousand Sons Are Back! A Hobby Update: Daemon Prince w/Disk(?)

It was nice to pull out the old dusty box of dusty boyz. I tried these guys several times in 9th but always felt like Chaos is just getting such a shaft this edition (except Death Guard of course). Well finally our time has come, and it prompted my to finally Stop using my Black Legion Daemon prince, and finally

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