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Black Legion Chaos Space Marine Army up for Sale.

I figure I have built and painted this army for years, and it’s time to part with it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and even won a few awards along the way; winning best painted mini at a GW store event (Abaddon) and Best Painted Army at a tournament I took them to. So it’s up for sale, it’s about that

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Ultramarines go up for sale!? Lots of pictures.

The army has grown bigger than I thought…. here’s a dump of pictures from the Ultramarine army collection: Laser cut foam packing: The army consists of everything you see here which includes Tigurius, Calgar, Guilliman, Techpriest, Chaplain, LT, Captain (Bladeguard) and Uriel Ventris. What’s all here? – HQ’s/Characters: – Primarch Guilliman: Please note one of his base ‘torches’ aren’t on the base

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Prot’s Necrons For Sale

Here’s pics of all my completed Necrons to date: I am currently accepting offers. Please contact me through the blog. This will likely hit ebay shortly if no serious offer is forthcoming! Please have a look… EDIT: Added the updated Lokhust Destroyers and the Scarabs: What this army currently consists of: The Silent King + 2 Cyrpo Thralls HQ: Overlord,

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Prot’s 40K Adeptus Mechanicus Army is going up for sale: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Admech Sale. This time featuring more pictures, and an actual inventory of items going up. We’ll start with the pic of the entire contents: Some of the units in there include the following: Behind the manipulus you can make out my kit basked servitors. These work great for the Defense Cohort. Here’s some general

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