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Thousand Sons Hobby Update: Army Status

It’s time for an update with the Thousand Sons. I had to flesh out the Infantry to include some new Rubric Flamers, and some new Sorcerer HQ’s that could be used in Rubric squads, or even as Sorcerer “thralls” using the cool new rule that allows you to include a Sorcerer thrall outside of the normal HQ limits for every

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Thousand Sons Are Back! A Hobby Update: Daemon Prince w/Disk(?)

It was nice to pull out the old dusty box of dusty boyz. I tried these guys several times in 9th but always felt like Chaos is just getting such a shaft this edition (except Death Guard of course). Well finally our time has come, and it prompted my to finally Stop using my Black Legion Daemon prince, and finally

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Thousand Sons Vs. Necrons 2K 9th Edition (and Hobby Update)

This is a very brief batrep, and you’ll see why in a minute. I took what I consider a very mid range Thousand Sons army. I wanted to base the list on two basic premises using the newer cults: Cult of Time (Terminator Patrol), and Cult of Duplicity (main Battallion). My Thousand Sons list was basically Ahriman, Exalted on Disk,

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Thousand Sons Competitive Battle Report: Psychic Awakening of the Cults

Greetings friends of Prospero. AKA, those who do nothing wrong. The question is, can we do anything right? The following is a quick recap of a fairly competitive game. I do not know my opponent’s list before hand and we are playing CA2019 Maelstrom which has been a lot of fun since the update. I (and my opponent actually) are

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My 40K Prospects for the 2020 Season.

Well we’re getting close to 2020…. er, I guess I should say we’re a few months INTO 2020, and I haven’t seemed to fall in love with anything I’m playing. I like to rant with the assistance of pictures, so let’s have a look at what I’m painting, and considering. First up the joke that has become the Custodes. I

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Hobby Update of the Damned: New Thousand Sons, and a Sorcerer.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update with some new painted stuff. These aren’t the best pictures but the timing is good since the release of “Ritual of the Damned” (Book 4 in the Psychic Awakening series). Starting with the man himself; Ahriman. He took a lot longer than I wanted, but he’s pretty much in every

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