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Black Templars Hobby Update: Featuring a Few Things I’ll Never Do Again!

I decided to push hard on my theory of doing everything I know to get an army on the table, while trying to make it look good. I’ve covered many of the tricks I use, but hope to come up with a valid plan to show everyone just how ‘doable’ this is. But here I bit off too much for

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Pictures of Guilliman V3

I recently finished my third/last Guilliman and got some better pics of him and just thought I’d put them up here for posterity. That’s it for the Ultramarines for a while I think. The army is quite large now and I’m still playing catch up with some older projects! Thanks for checking in. – Prot

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New Deathwatch Kill Team Releases!

Just a very quick update because I’ve been waiting with baited breath for this one… Deathwatch have been spotted in the release rotation for Kill Team. As we know every race is getting their own box set which basically follows the pattern of: A Squad of your faction’s Kill Team. A Set of Terrain pieces which come with their own

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