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Thousand Sons Vs. Death Guard Battle Report

I’ll try to get some quick descriptions in here and keep it brief, but it was such a good, close game, I’m sure to miss some details. Pre-Game: We ended up playing Surround and Destroy from the 2021 Chapter Approved mission pack. I was playing the Thousand Sons as usual with a single Duplicity Battalion, and my opponent was trying

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The Ultramarines are Back! Some Thoughts on Codex Space Marines for 9th Edition.

What follows is a combination of conversations covering my involvement and history with Ultramarines, and some quick takes on the new Codex units. It took some time, but they are finally back in my possession. For some context, let me say I have painted and sold a ton of armies in my time, and yes there are some regrets along

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Prot’s Hobby/Life update: The Blog, Admech, Custodes, 9th Ed, Army Sale (?) and more.

Hello to everyone. It’s been a while. Work has had me busier than perhaps I’ve ever been during this period as everyone is getting used to a new ‘normal’ with Covid-19. My apologies for not being more active, but my field of expertise (virtualization technologies) has me overwhelmed with projects, and no real break in sight. That said when I

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