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Thousand Sons Vs. Death Guard Battle Report

I’ll try to get some quick descriptions in here and keep it brief, but it was such a good, close game, I’m sure to miss some details. Pre-Game: We ended up playing Surround and Destroy from the 2021 Chapter Approved mission pack. I was playing the Thousand Sons as usual with a single Duplicity Battalion, and my opponent was trying

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Competitive Quickie: 40K Battle Report Eldar Vs. GSC (post PA)

So once again due to time restraints I’m forced to do a very brief batrep. So brief in fact, I won’t have the full lists, but don’t worry there should be enough here to piece together a sound battle report, with pictures. This takes place well past both armies receiving their respective Psychic Awakening treatments and we are both trying

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Thousand Sons Competitive Battle Report: Psychic Awakening of the Cults

Greetings friends of Prospero. AKA, those who do nothing wrong. The question is, can we do anything right? The following is a quick recap of a fairly competitive game. I do not know my opponent’s list before hand and we are playing CA2019 Maelstrom which has been a lot of fun since the update. I (and my opponent actually) are

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