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A New Chaos Iron Warriors Test Theme.

The new Chaos codex is officially released as I write this. The sheer amount of combo’s and interesting army ideas buzzing around my head make me feel like Huron with that Hamidraya constantly nattering in his ear. Here’s what I’ve come with for the new look Iron Warriors. I used the new(er) Warpsmith model of course, and a couple of

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Grimdark World Eaters Re-dux

(And Crowe isn’t happy…) So I decided to pull out some old, unfinished World Eaters from back when we had that awesome Daemonkin Codex. My goal was to start using some of the ‘Grimdark’ techniques I had picked up during my White Scars project. This meant more oils, enamels, and isopropyl/mineral spirits reduction methods on top of some of the

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