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Thousand Sons Vs. Death Guard Battle Report

I’ll try to get some quick descriptions in here and keep it brief, but it was such a good, close game, I’m sure to miss some details. Pre-Game: We ended up playing Surround and Destroy from the 2021 Chapter Approved mission pack. I was playing the Thousand Sons as usual with a single Duplicity Battalion, and my opponent was trying

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Kill Team (General Projects) Update:

Well not a huge update this time but some good hobby time spent on various projects. I got some good time in on the Ultramarines, Death Guard, Adeptus Mechanicus, and Deathwatch! Lots of games were played but I’m sure you’d rather just see the pictures instead of my blathering on about how Necrons appear to have the most insane “strategem”

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Kill Team Update: Meet the Death Guard Warband of the Decadent Decay (Plus AdMech)

Today’s the day I finished the first of my latest Death Guard army. These guys stink a little, but not on the tabletop! The Warband of the Decadent Decay are here for some Kill Team action. Meet the crew: There’s the team for now! Hope you enjoy, and there’s always more to come.   EDIT: Probably not worthy of their

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