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Hobby Update: Ultramarines Invictus Warsuits painted!

Two hobby updates in one week? What is going on? Is Prot unemployed? Is he on a drinking and painting binge? Perhaps both…. Today I bring you one of the units people hopped all over on the NuMarines realease 2.0, the Invictus Warsuit. While a lot of people thing this is an amazing unit, and some are taking 3, I’m

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New 8th Edition Space Marines have Landed: We’re Feeling out the Strange, New Meta!

Excuse me it’s been a while since I did a battle report but I soon discovered with the new codex that… there’s a lot to discover! In this article I will share some of my early findings (positives and negatives) while sprinkling in some various shots of games (not just my own.) I’ve been playing a lot of games whenever

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Deathwatch Codex Revealed! A Walk Down Memory Lane and My Collection

Oh it’s been a long, long time. I will never forget the fevered anticipation of the Deathwatch codex I had, as well as my fellow hobbiests and players at the Bolter and Chainsword forums. Then the disappointment as the clunky mechanics, and seemingly rushed rules came to fruition. Soon there was hardly a Deathwatch player to be found. The competitive

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