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Prot’s New Aeldari Craftwords (Eldar) for 2022: Part 1 Choosing Craftworld Colour Schemes.

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I did an update, and frankly I’ve sold quite a few projects off. I’m down to my large Black Legion chaos army, and I had a lot of little bits, and partial units left over from various Eldar projects, and since I got the Eldritch Omens box set, I thought…. why not paint

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Black Templars: Core Army Completed (including Characters)

I put every spare moment into this batch. My goal was to hit a good look with a core army of Assault Intercessors, Intercessors, a Crusader (primaris) Squad which covers the troops. Add in the unique Sword Brethren squad, and unique HQ choices, and you have a complete core Black Templars army to build on. There’s a lot here… Infantry

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Ultramarines go up for sale!? Lots of pictures.

The army has grown bigger than I thought…. here’s a dump of pictures from the Ultramarine army collection: Laser cut foam packing: The army consists of everything you see here which includes Tigurius, Calgar, Guilliman, Techpriest, Chaplain, LT, Captain (Bladeguard) and Uriel Ventris. What’s all here? – HQ’s/Characters: – Primarch Guilliman: Please note one of his base ‘torches’ aren’t on the base

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Black Templars Hobby Update: Sword Brethren and Castellan

Here comes a quick update on a lot of work I’ve been doing over the Christmas break. I’ve put a lot of hours in the Black Templars and it’s starting to show. After doing a full sizeable squads, I felt confident enough to go after the Sword Brethren. I know (as of this writing) the Sword Brethren are under powered/over

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Black Templars Hobby Update: Assault Intercessors

I did a few extra models to form a small squad with some options, including a Fist (relic), and an Axe, as well as a decent looking Chainsword dude which could pose as a ‘sarge’ if needed. I’ve increased the Blanchitsu up a notch! There’s more oils, more of the beloved texturing from pigments, etc. I’m keeping this base configuration

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Heading into 2022 with Black Templars!

Here we go with a hobby update based on something I didn’t think I’d revisit (again)! I sold off my original box set of Templar infantry figs that I painted, and ended up using the funding to inevitably buy this…. And so far I reworked my original recipe and wanted to go a little darker, a little more “Blanchitsu-ish”. So

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