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Deathwatch going up for Sale

After that massive Ultramarines update I thought it was time to show some pictures from my Deathwatch army that will be going up for sale. (I can be contacted privately through this blog – otherwise it will appear on eBay shortly.) It is exciting to me that the Deathwatch Supplement is due out in the next month (as I write

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Prot’s Hobby/Life update: The Blog, Admech, Custodes, 9th Ed, Army Sale (?) and more.

Hello to everyone. It’s been a while. Work has had me busier than perhaps I’ve ever been during this period as everyone is getting used to a new ‘normal’ with Covid-19. My apologies for not being more active, but my field of expertise (virtualization technologies) has me overwhelmed with projects, and no real break in sight. That said when I

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