Prot’s Hobby Update and Unit Review: Hammerfall Bunker, Firestrike Turrets, and Primaris Techmarine.

A Hobby update during a pretty heavy Covid lockdown: Truthfully I decided to knock off some units that I don’t see playing much, if at all.

Just my opinion but I’ve tried the Firestrike Turrets and they might be the worst new units in the game. They move 3″, cost too much, and really suffer from line of sight issues in this edition as a result. That said, they look decent, and perhaps one day they will see a significant rules over haul. For now I confess my last game using them is probably… my last game using them. šŸ˜‰

With that said I used this down time from social activity to paint those buggers up:

The new units in action. (Is it just me or is the Techmarine threatening the Firestrike gunner to ‘aim better’?

I probably underestimated my belief in the Firestrike turrets, because as I write this I have found one worse unit in the line up! The Hammerfall Bunker!

This is a bizarre unit. I would suggest is doesn’t hit like a hammer, nor does it fall like one, nor is it a bunker! Just from my perspective:

  • Hammer – Hits pretty darn hard.
  • Fall – Comes out of the sky, deep strikes hard, and then fires the Hammer! (how cool would it have been if the Hammerfall could deep strike like the ol’ Dawn of War games would suggest?)
  • Bunker – How about allowing even…. 5 Primaris to deploy in this thing? Maybe that allows the Heavy Bolters some advantage: more shots? better Ballistic Skill? As it stands this thing starts at BS4 and slides hard. If you babysit it with a Techmarine, it can get better.

Some additional notes: As of now it sits 10 points shy of a loaded Redemptor Dreadnought! The good news is it is Toughness 8, and can be positively affected by a Techmarine, however that is very likely a poor use of your Techmarine. And finally, don’t forget the Fortification restictions: Can’t deploy within 3″ of a terrain feature (I believe). (that is hard to do with such a big footprint!) It also cannot “Hold” an objective, but can “Contest” an objective. And finally, this will cost you 1 CP on top of it all due to the fact the Fortification Detachment isn’t free.

Still I had to have it. It looks cool to me, and I didn’t go all out painting it. At the very least I see it as a cool terrain piece.

The ironically named “Hammerfall Bunker”.

I did enjoy painting the Primaris Techmarine. He’s a great sculpt, but again he is contesting with a myriad of excellent choices in the HQ department. He really feels like an Elite slot to me. The HQ slot is just chalk full of great, fun, and competitive choices, I fear this guy will see extremely limited play.

“There ain’t nothin’ I can’t fix with a Grav-Pistol!”

The loadout is cool, and he looks great. But so far I’ve had to peel myself away from my favourite HQ’s to get this guy in games with: Dual Executioners (I did a batrep on that game:Ultramarines vs (New) Necrons 9th edition Battle Report. ) And with Dual Redemptors. (Batrep coming soon.)

There’s just so much damage in the game it’s hard to find a strong balance point for this guy. Giving him extra points, taking an HQ slot, and his impact in the game really is the (potential) ability to heal 3 wounds on a vehicle, and (potentially) make dreadnoughts hit harder (but he can’t keep up with them!).

“Do I repair this silly bunker? Or try to finish another level of “Space Marine”? “

The Iron Hands may see more use of this guy than I can fathom with Ultramarines, however with skyrocketing damage from weapons in 9th, it’s debatable.

Need a tooth drilled? You’ve come to the right place. The Servo-arm is capable of some incredible dentistry. (as long as you like metal teeth.)

His force multiplier issues aside, his load out is pretty cool. The Assault Bolter is handy, and works even if you elect to fire the Grav-Pistol.

And finally we have some group shots:

Some great models! We just need to see some tweaks here GW!
Family snapshot: Primaris Techmarine, Hammerfall Bunker, and Firestrike Turrets.

What’s next? Lots of stuff still sits on my Ultra-to-do-table, but I may need a break from Ultra’s. All the new units from the Indomitus box are now done (except the Asssault Intercessors). Indomitus Hobby Update: New Ultramarines Indomitus Space Marines for 9th Edition.

Hopefully I’ll have my last game up soon in a battle report post. Thanks for checking out the update.


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