Forgebane: My Knight Work Thus far

As I write this I plan to have my hands on about 4 of these units, splitting a box with a friend.

This caused me to consider putting these units with my present Adeptus Mechanicus force, or doing a Custodes ‘look’ to the units and adding them there.

At any rate, this caused me to look at my current Knight inventory and here’s what I currently have painted:

Divinus Veridian and Imperator Domus1

This is Imperator Domus and his ol’ pal Divinus Veridian. Together they have bashed a lot of Xenos to a bloody pulp…. for the Greater Good of course!

Veridian was originally created to assist my Grey Knights back in 7th when Knights were a bit stronger. The models are still epic though, I love them. He’s a Crusade with magnetized carapace for weapon swap out.

Divinus Veridian2

Veridian is built to be a Knight Errant or Paladin (I finally got wise and magnetized the weapon mount).

Veridian is stationed in Ultramar and has seen plenty of actions with Ultramarines right up to and including the Indomnitus Crusade with Guilliman.

Things brings me to a Knight I did for someone. He built it and wanted it to be a center piece for his Adeptus Mechanicus army. My Knights until this point had a very… clean look. And I was okay with that. Bright colours, and contrast are fun to do. But this time I was asked to do something a little more ‘gritty’ and I came up with this:

Admech Knight1

This is the Adeptus Mechanicus Knight… my version of gritty. 🙂

Admech Knight2


I do love how the grime came out. The decal work is a pain on this model but he wanted the appropriate house markings, and I think it really finished the model off nicely.

Admech Sneak Peak2

I used a sponge technique with two shades of brown, and for a finer mist it got a light spray from the airbrush in the corners.

Admech Sneak Peak1

He wasn’t sure of the head, and I felt the ‘unmasked’ version is what I would do with a sickly, green glow. I told him he could paint the helmet of his choosing and use whichever one he wanted and could glue it on top. I think he liked this enough that he just went with it. I have to admit I really wished I had done one like this for my own AdMech!!


So I hope to get some ideas on my Armiger Warglaives! Will the be Custodes? Will they be Adeptus Mechanicus? Who knows… I do hope this has helped fire you up for your own Forgeband project!


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