Thousand Sons Hobby Update: Scarab Occult and Ahriman

Although this is one of my favourite hobby armies, it’s one of the slowest to paint. So I often take breaks from it but this time I wanted to do two things: Do up 5 more Scarab Occult (bringing my total to 10 completed Scarab Occult) and re-tough Ahriman on a Disk. I wanted to do a cloak theme I had been working on with other models, and touch up some of his ‘glowy’ (osl) details, and armour.

This Thousand Sons army was supposed to go up for sale, but since having to part with a few other armies recently, I decided I wanted to do some more work on this army….

And here are the 5 new guys, dusty, and ready to roll.
And here they all are together!

I decided to rework the loin cloths a bit more with more blending, and do a similar effect to the swords (which are finally usable in 9th ed!)

Another angle of the 10 Scarab Occult.

I do love using these models in game, especially since Psychic Awakening gave them a little more life. Yes they are a bit limited, but I’m dying to see how they play out when the new Thousand Sons Codex comes out!

Next up the big man on a disk:

The changes may seem subtle from this angle, I just wanted to clean up the osl (mostly green glowy parts).
The ‘conjuring’ left arm is such a cool feature on this model.
Here you can see the ‘galaxy cloak’. Nothing says “I do space magic,” like a star filled cloak.

The cloak is done in stages so I wanted to take my time, not rush it until it felt right.

Final cape pic, with more glowy green bits.

So that’s it for this hobby update. Lots of older models/armies are getting done now, and this is one of my faves.

Thanks for checking it out. -prot


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